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  Make more fortune for shareholders。

  The spirit of corporation: Endure hardshape and rise in great vigor and forging ahead in unity

  The concept of operation: people first , pursue for virtue and spur with long accumulation

  The concept of quality: all members take part, continue innovation and progress.

  The concept of appointment: Don't appoint people who live on our corporation while helping others sceretly.  Man can't be perfect and use his or her advantages.

  The concept of time: This era focus on speed. Low speed will fall behind.

  The concept of competition: You must work harder in order to surpass others.

  The concept of market: The market should put first, the others put behind. The market need compete, hesitation is equal to kill.

  The concept of action: work hard and act immediately, just do well.

  The concept of study: continue study, find disadvantages and make up them. make great progress.

  The concept of experience: The experience of past may become the obstacle now.

  The concept of employer: The corporation interest put first and I create interest for corporation and it paid for me rely on my efficiency.

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