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  Qinlong Chemical Corrosion-Resistance Co。Ltd。 (Jingyu Mineral Processing Equipment Co。Ltd。) ,hereinafter briefly called “The Company”, located in Xiwanzhen Industrial Zone, Qingyang, Henan, China, with 15,000 m2 land area occupied by the Company, adding further 40,000 m2 area as a new plant location just under construction now。 The Company will be built as the production base and one of the main producers of fiber-glass mineral processing equipment in China。

  The Company, having 280 staff and workers, of whom 6 experts including professor-senior engineers and  senior researchers, 9 senior administrators, 16 senior engineers and engineers. 40 technicians for fiber glass chemical and machinery equipment, forming a quality control system of R&D, engineering design and production, supplies high-performance mineral processing equipment for recovering non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, noble and rare metals, non-metals and coal, etc., with more than 800 varieties of main products including fiber-glass spiral chutes (ф400, ф500, ф600, ф610, ф700, ф900, ф1000, ф1200, ф1500, ф1600, ф1800, ф2000) ; fiber-glass series tables (6-S type, Yunxi type, Jin type, Yin type); GXL75-500 series screw classifiers; various trains of magnetic separators and flotation cells; small crushers and pulp conditioners series (ф1000x1000 type, ф1500x1500 type, ф2500x2500); all kinds of large size fiber-glass cooling towers; fans, spare parts, corrosion-resistant materials, equipment and facilities, as well as relative technical service.

  The Company products have got GB/T19001-2000-ISO9001 quality control system certificates: 2000 quality control system certificate, various R&D advance prizes from the original Ministry of Metallurgy, Coal Ministry, CNNC; Gold Medal and title “the No。1 Class Enterprise” from the Ministry of Agriculture, the first-class   prize of new, special products in the first “Xingyu Cup” Competition, “Famous Brand Products”, “One of 100 Best Enterprises”, “Star Enterprise”, and so on, from Henan Government。 The products are warmly welcome by our customers。 The products are sold to more than 380 enterprise customers all over China。 The products are exported to Australia, Bolivia, Indonesia, Korea and so on。  

  The Company has the advantages in fiber-glass chemical technology and manufacture technology. Early in 1988, DL-2000 type, with 2 M in diameter, fiber-glass spiral chute , characterized by new section in structure and the largest diameter, was developed in China. The capacity of such type spiral chute is same as the capacity of total 40 tables. The beneficiation performance is excellent. In 1989, DL-20000 spiral chute was approved in technology and prized by CNNC, filling the gaps in mineral processing equipment in China. In past 20 years, the Company has developed a series of fiber-glass mineral processing equipments, with further more perfect design in performance and structure parameters. In respect to a series of ф400–ф2000 spiral chutes and all kinds of tables with different rifles, the Company has the complete set of specifications, more reasonable structure parameters, better quality in manufacture, more new novel in improvement, more reliable option in equipment.

  The Company has built mineral processing pilot plant available for test on all kinds of specifications of spiral chutes and tables. If our customers deliver only 10-300 kg representative samples, the better specification of the spiral chutes or tables, as well as better process flowsheet based on the ore property in very short time, and then our customers can select their desired equipment and optimum process flowsheet. If the investors and designers only pay small amount of test operation cost for the available pilot plant, can they obtain the valuable test results.

  Then our customers have chance to enjoy the cost-effective and reliable technical service.

  The Company takes over the design, installation and start-up of small- and medium-seze concentrators and coal preparators, as well as feasibility study on the beneficiation of W, Sn, Au, Ag, Ta, Nb, Fe, Cr, Mn, pyrite, coal, rutile, andalusite, diamond, furnace slag, gas flue from blast furnace, sulfuric acid residue, old tailings, etc.

  The Company is equipped with chemical analysis laboratory, with ability of analysis on  main non-ferrous, ferrous, non-metal elements and coal. Apart from the in-company chemical analysis, the contracted analysis projects are welcome from our customers.

  The Company, as agency, sells common flotation reagents, including collectors, conditioners, frothers, depressants, activators, etc.

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